Air Handlers/RTUs

Air Handlers and Rooftop Units that bring fresh air into the building are not only exposed externally (cabinets/casing) but also internally as air-stream components will suffer accelerated oxidation and corrosion from environmental pollutants that are pulled into the equipment. Intake sections, filter racks, coils, condensate pans, and fans are some of the common components that will fail untimely.

Indoor air handlers, even though less exposed, still require corrosion protection if handling any percentage of fresh air. In many applications the equipment is installed in areas where replacement is just not an option unless a wall or roof is removed making it critical to maintain and protect it from deterioration.

Advancoat offers rejuvenation/refurbishment solutions for all types of Air Handlers and RTUs.​

Air Intake and Filter Sections

Coils and Condensate Drain Pans

Fan Sections

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 2.52.16 PM

RTU Evaporator Section

RTU Condenser Section