A condenser water pump exposed to cooling tower drift may require exterior chemical and corrosion protection; one pumping sewage, brackish, or sea water may require coating of its internal components like the volute and impeller to protect it from corrosion and erosion; another pumping potable water may require NSF/ANSI approved coatings to protect the interior components from 
failing and contaminating the water supply

Advancoat offers external as well as internal coating solutions
for all types of pumps in a diverse range of applications

External Protection

Pumps exposed to salt spray, cooling tower drift, and other manufacturing processes will corrode and fail prematurely. Our multi-layer cooling system complies with ISO 12944-9 CX extreme environment classification and will protect any type of pump.

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Internal Components

Coating internal components not only protects from corrosion and erosion but also increases pump efficiency up to 20% by using hydrophobic technology to repel process fluids and reduce turbulent flow.

This very specialized process requires the pump to be taken apart and all internal surfaces to be protected are media blasted creating the proper profile for the ceramic coating application.