HVAC/R Coils

Whether it is a tube-fin or microchannel coil, new or operational, at the factory or in the field, Advancoat has a solution for you.

As an independent corrosion specialist company, we are not restricted to using 
only one brand or product.

We offer an array of products to meet the individual needs of each customer and thus we can tailor a solution to conform to the project requirements, specifications, and budget.

Our Advantages

Proven Performance & Versatility

All coil coatings in our portfolio are tested and graded under ASTM, DIN, and/or ISO standards by independent certified laboratories. In addition, as an engineering firm we conduct our own in-house tests to assure we deliver the absolute best the industry has to offer.

One coating does not fit all, we offer a broad range of materials like: epoxy, phenolic, siloxane, aluminium pigmented polyurethane, hybrids in solvent-borne and waterborne formulations.

For recommendations and specifications please contact us at: engineering@advancoat.com​

Quality Control, Experience & Track Record

Advancoat is the oldest coil coating applicator in South Florida with over 20 years of impeccable track record and experience. We are certified by each manufacturer we represent to apply their products ensuring the highest level of workmanship.

Quality control is conducted by in-house certified SSPC/NACE (Society of Protective Coatings/National Associating of Corrosion Engineers) inspectors that follow QP1 and QP3 guidelines.

Proud Applicator & Distributor for: