Condenser piping is continuously under chemical attack from cooling tower drift and without proper corrosion protection it will fail, leak and bring the HVAC system down.

Advancoat offers long-term chemical and corrosion protection for piping systems including new or existing, and even leaky repairs with minimum to zero downtime.

New Systems

Piping is usually coated with inexpensive single layer products to reduce installation costs but they will ultimately result in higher long term costs to the owner. They usually require constant repainting to be maintained and those difficult areas to reached are always overlooked resulting in piping wall failure and downtime.

We offer competitive solutions to new installed piping that out performs standard paints thus reducing operational costs.

Refurbishment of Piping Systems in Any Condition

We have the know-how and experience to refurbish, rejuvenate, and repair all types of piping systems without any downtime.

Media blasting is employed to remove rust and original failed coating creating a proper surface profile that allows for piping re-surfacing and application of our proprietary multi-layer solution that complies with ISO 12944-9 CX extreme environment classification.

Repair of Operational System

Advancoat has develop several solutions to repair piping without draining the water and even with operational pumps eliminating downtime when conventional solutions would require all piping or sections to be replaced.

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Advancoat's carbon fiber wrapping system adheres to the prepared metal surfaces at 3000 psi essentially creating a new piping wall. This proven system can even fix ASME certified pressure vessels without welding.

Insulation of Chilled Water Piping

Advancoat technicians are factory trained at Foamglas. We are specialized in re-insulation of exiting system including pumps and other hydronic components.

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