Modine Coatings
Corrosion Has No Place Here

Strategic partnership and license agreement with Modine allows Advancoat to provide
Insitu® coatings services to the South Florida market.

Insitu® Benefits:


Eco-Friendly & Water Based
Made in the USA


ISO Rating


Antimicrobial Option


Salt Spray Hours
(ASTM B117)

The Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Process:

The following is a description of the Insitu process, performed at our Pompano Beach facility, Florida. Insitu® Spray Applied Coating facilities are capable of handling any size industrial or commercial HVAC/R system. If it can be transported, we can lift it off by crane and completely coat the unit inside and outside.

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating
is well suited For:

modine 3
modine 4
modine 5

Additional Insitu® Solutions Include:

Keeping your HVAC coils and cabinets clean is necessary to maintaining your ElectroFin® or Insitu® warranty: