Cooling Towers

All cooling towers whether they are made of galvanized, stainless steel, fiberglass or concrete operate in a harsh environment, that combined with the intake of external pollutants, vibration, and poor water treatment results is premature failure.

The most common problem is in the basin "pan", which is prone to leaks due to corrosion, failed joint material, or cracks. Typical repairs like re-caulcking or epoxy coating are short lived and usually the tower end it up been replaced.

Advancoat offers long-term solutions for most cooling tower components:

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Basin "Pan" Long Term Solution

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Structural Supports and I-beams

Continuous chemical attack from cooling tower drift will deteriorate and corrode structural supports and I-beams.Before it becomes a structural issue we can provide a long term chemical and corrosion protection.

Media blasting is employed to remove rust and original failed coating creating a proper surface profile that allows our proprietary multi-layer coating that complies with ISO 12944-9 CX extreme environment classification.

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Chemicals from the cooling tower drift will penetrate concrete columns and supports causing re-bar to corrode and expand creating cracks and failures until it becomes a structural issue.

Before it becomes a bigger problem Advancoat can help you with one of our proprietary solutions that treats the bar and rebuilds the lost concrete with materials that are 3x stronger than concrete, up to 15,000 psi of compressive strength. Surfaces can also be sealed to prevent failures in
other exposed areas.

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