Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Even a well maintained HVAC system can create a perfect environment that consists of dark, warm, and humid enclosed surfaces where microbes can thrive.

Surfsilver is our antimicrobial coating, a revolutionary product that assumes the natural protective qualities of silver, which disrupts microbes and stops their growth. The product is based on Agion®, an EPA approved silver zeolite antimicrobial compound that can be applied to the air stream of all HVAC equipment including air handlers, rooftops, and ductwork.

Germicidal UVC Solutions
(UV lights)

Retrofitting UVC lights in HVAC equipment that was not designed for it can be challenging but Advancoat has you covered.

We are an autorized distributor and installer for SterilAire and our engineering department will select the proper emiter and design that is compalible with your equipment whether it is new or existing.

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